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"What's worse than a basement full of water? A basement full of ice! I was away on vacation in Nevada, and at some point my water heater failed, filling my basement with water. The water, in turn, put out the pilot light in the furnace, so the entire basement froze like a hockey rink. When I got home, I couldn't believe my eyes. At first, I didn't know who to call, but I finally contacted a plumber. He came over and had a look, and came back with a propane heater to melt the ice. He gave me a quote of $1,500 to replace the water heater, clean up the water, and get the furnace up and running again. I needed money fast, so I got online a did a search for "fast cash loans in Idaho." What I came up with was Idaho Title Loans, Inc. and it was incredible how nice everyone was. I had never heard of a title loan before, but after they took the time to fully explain what a title loan was and how it worked, I was very comfortable with the experience. I was able to get the cash I needed in just about a half an hour, and I had plenty of time to pay back the loan. I also got to keep on driving my car. It was so easy! I am truly grateful to Idaho Title Loans, Inc."
Carol D.
Weiser, ID*

"Our son has always been a bruiser. He’s always had a cast or stitches or at very least a shiner since he was a little boy. Now he’s in junior high, and he’s still a mess! This last summer he was playing with the neighbor kids and got whacked in the mouth with a baseball. He lost his two front teeth, and yes, they were his adult teeth. The dentist looked at the situation in his mouth and decided since my son was still growing, we should wait to do permanent implants, so in the mean time he wanted to construct a bridge for my son to give him a decent looking smile. Our insurance didn’t cover anything except 20% of dentures, and I didn’t feel like my son should have to endure the embarrassment of dentures, especially since he would be dating soon, hopefully. My savings was small, and without much in the way of credit, I needed to figure out a way to get the cash I needed to buy the bridge. Idaho Title Loans, Inc. had just the solution I was looking for. They gave me a $3,000 title loan on my truck, which I was able to pay back over time, and my son was able to have his bridgework done before school started."
Karl F.
Boise, ID*

"I got in over my head a few years ago, and almost lost everything I had worked so hard for all these years. I had my own apartment, a boyfriend, bills in my name, a checking account, a couple credit cards, and my very own car. I was living the dream and trying to act like a grown up. Then my boyfriend just up and left one day, leaving me holding the bag on our lease, the bills, and all the credit card debt he helped rack up. I struggled for a month or two, but I eventually realized if I didn’t get my act together, I was going to ruin my credit and probably get evicted. After looking around for a financial solution, I found Idaho Title Loans, Inc. and realized I had been overlooking the equity I had in my vehicle. I was able to get the cash I needed to consolidate all my delinquent bills in to one easy payment with my Idaho title loan. Best of all, I was still able to drive my car during the loan. I’m back on track now, with a fresh start and a new chance to live the dream."
Shelly U.
Jerome, ID*






*Not an actual customer. Testimonial based on past business experiences. Results and actual loan amounts may vary.

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